• Photos from Russell Gee's post

    What did I do to my versys ?

    I got a lasercut plate which covered the useless well under the pillion, powder coated the plate and installed a aux fuse box to power my GPS and lights.

    Anyone any other DIY suggestions ?


    • That "well" is not "useless". That is for the first aid kit, owner's manual, insurance documents and disc break lock.

    • That's a matter of opinion .. Admittedly it does house the factory u-lock - but everything else such as 1st aid and documents is in a cargo net in my top box lid. Horses for courses.

    • nice work..

    • Thanks .. Any other projects ? I will copy the mirror extenders that Jason Ryman posted earlier.

    • I store my factory toolkit in that well. :)

    • That's great !

    • Nice and neat

    • Very nice work.

    • Very neat and convenient for add on. Awesome!!!