Photos from Rtr Senior's post

  • Interesting...

  • Nice one Richard. love looking at all the different creations folks come up with.B)

  • heheh :) This is like saying that a girl "is nice" (implying at the same time she is butt-ugly). I just like the Grips... the rest (specially the paint job) I would change :)... But yes... she is nice.

  • Savour the differences between us!

  • With those skinnier-than-stock wheels, this must be a quick bike...

  • This W650 , this one is mostly hand built with a few expensive parts thrown in, like the frame joints that required 150 hours of CNC machining. The basic frame, which uses the W650 motor as a stressed member can be adjusted to suit other motors like the late model Bonnevilles. . Pipes, air cleaner, eccentric chain adjuster, footpegs were all made in the workshop. The tank is an old Triumph one that was narrowed and dropped in height.