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NEW W650 DAY!!!

Yes, another W650!!! That makes two, for now... Three, maybe...?

I'm blaming my purchase, today, of my new (to me), scary-as-perfect-brand-new-freakin'-mint-gorgeous- museum-worthy W650 on all you lot - the W650 FB fanatics! Yes, it's your fault that I now have two, and may well purchase a third of these fantabulous motorcycles! I refuse to take responsibility for the fact that you all encourage my W650 obsession, daily, with postings about how great these bikes are. Yes, it's entirely your fault, W650 fanatics!

  • 1999?

  • I'd say 2000... Only year they got it in Canada, isn't it?

  • Yes, 2000. We got them in 1999 and 2000. I purchased it from a very cool guy - original owner - who bought it in 2000. I pick it next week, as I will be at my "other" home, working on my reno, for a few days (and riding my ZRX1100).

  • Always room for "one" more!

  • And my wife asked...

    "How many Double-U-Six-Fifties do you need?"

    To which I answered...

    "Why? You know someone who's selling one?"

  • Go on buy another one i'll take the blame

  • Much appreciated, Robert. There a nice Jade Green one available...

  • They make a great pension plan

  • One only needs one more :-)

  • Keep it to yourself, Kris, but I'm looking at a Jade Green W650 tomorrow.

  • You can't ride money that's in a bank (collecting next to zero interest) and then still have it all when you return from your ride!

  • If another original one in good shape for a fair price crosses my path ...It's mine!

  • KilleR DUB :-)

  • Picked up my W650 (here with my Thruxton). Just a short, 350km ride to my other home to join its identical twin. Progressive Suspension fork springs, Race Tech cartridge emulators in hand. Add low handlebar. Delete ugly crash bar. Smiles, and better snaps, to follow.

  • That looks like a very, very clean bike. Me like shiny things.

  • Rocky....

  • Was poised, with cash, to bag the Jade Green W650 last week. Got as far as trying to arrange a truck to collect the bike. Unfortunately, while the bike looked nice, the owner wasn't. Maybe next time?

  • You are going to install emulators? I would like to see how it's done, seems a lot work to do.

  • My understanding is that the damper rods in the forks require drilling. I'm ordering spares, just in case.

  • What is an emulator ?

  • There's an excellent explanation of what they are and how they work (no link, sorry) at "Emulators and how they work -race tech"

  • Ah.