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I have a dilemma: I have room for only three motorcycles. With the arrival, yesterday, of the new baby (Harley Sportster 48), I now have four bikes, and one has to go. So, which of my three other bikes should I sell? I need to sell one of the following: Thruxton 900, W650, or my other W650?

P.S.: Don't buy four bikes when you only have room for three!

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  • Azlan, stay focused please.

  • I am focused on getting Rocky to go nuts and possess all four, aside from the Triumph and H-D. :P

  • Okay... Fifty bucks for my Thruxton, then?

  • What??

  • That might be a bit on the high side, don't you think?

  • Then again, I like its colour scheme :-)

  • Canadian bucks.

  • That!!

  • Multiply CDN$50.00 by 0.75 for US funds equivalent.

  • In my garage i have room for two motorcycles. At the moment I have three, one of them with a sidecar, and soon I will have a fourth... So I am using some extra space in another place, and am searching to rent/buy an extra garage.

    Now, what or where was the problem here?

  • Surely you can fit one in the living room.

  • The problem, Kris, is you need more bikes...

    I only have three (but two are only 90cc and 125cc) and a car. And I'm constantly looking at bikes in the market, planning to buy a 4th this year, hopefully. And I still want a 5th bike after that...

  • I know, just wait until I found me a large shed :-D

  • And both my cars are rusting outside. And collecting moss :-)

  • Are they both or at least one of them a Jeep like Jack's?

  • Strong trust between them and you, I see - they didn't run away... :P

  • Both Fiat Doblò's. Very trusty ones.

  • You have TWO Doblos???

  • No wonder we get along well - you are a weird fella! Har harrr!!! :P

  • Indeed! Dissasemble one or more of the bikes, and store the bits and pieces under the bed, behind the tele, under the stairs, ...

  • I don't have a Jeep. Jerry does.

  • Err.... no Doblo either. Not one.

  • I see "Don't buy four bikes when you only have room for three!" as a challenge for maximising space and stretching creativity... as well as testing financial resilience.

    Now, "Don't buy six bikes (or more) if you only have room for three!" is an advice I'd take... :P

  • One a 2008 2 seats cargo, the other a 2013 extended 5 seats combi which replaced a 2005 standard 5 seats. I <3 Doblò's

  • Oops! Sorry. I meant Jerry... :)

  • Room is not the issue. Use is.

  • Oh, I see. That's all right...

  • No hard feelings Azlan. Just a bit disappointed that you could even picture me in a Doblo. Come on. Buddy.

  • Use it when you want it - four bikes, ten or whatever... ride 'em as you please, whenever, wherever... (damn I sound like a Shakira song)...

  • She's much better looking than you. So it's okay by me.

  • Hahahahaaaaa!!! My humblest apologies, Jack! *bows to the point of nearly prostrating*

  • A Doblò 4x4 would be perfect! What do you think Jack?

  • Fiats and Alfas wilt in my country. They're so fragile here.

    The brands changed dealers so many times over the years. All gave up - too overwhelming to attend to so many angry owners, so regularly...

  • Oh, but Azlan is very goodlooking. His mind however... :-P

  • One could certainly store several disassembled bikes in a Dobló :-D

  • A particular wiring harness indeed. Which we do appreciate though ;)

  • I remember snowbanks. I don't miss them.

  • Ah.

  • Indeed.

  • If the decision was mine rocky I would loose the triumph if there really really really wasn't anywhere you could store it. How difficult would it be to replace the triumph? They are everywhere. However the w650 not so, especially in certain countries.

    I always fancied a Harley but have just heard nothing but bad things about them falling apart & breaking down & poorly made & bad handling etc & I know nothing about them & would probably get fleeced but I do like to look at them & hear them. I would probably just have the 2 kwaks & patiently wait for No3

    3 is a magic number

  • what a dilemma; 3 excellent bikes; sportsters are great; i used to knock harleys till i rode them; theres no end to the bikes we'd love to own tho.

  • That Thuxton would look good in my garage & we're local !

  • Rocky, don't you feel like you are back at square one? (the phrase, not the shopping mall :p )

  • A Harley only means trouble. Look at the predicament you're in now that you have one ;-)

  • Lee, I looked for a year in Ottawa and Toronto for another excellent W650. Happy that I found one last Summer. Had lined-up another one the same week, but the seller had a weird attitude. I was thinking three W650s made the most sense - one manual, rolling parts donors if need be.

  • Say the word, Rick!

  • I've only driven by Square One - We're Downtowners.

  • Well, I'll probably need a chiropractor after riding the 48.

  • Come on over and try my AMF-er, you may need a chiropractor before riding it :-D

  • Still I love the beast :-)

  • While imperfect, the W650 remains The Perfect Vehicle, for me (thank you, Melissa Holbrook Piersson). And the simple math is that Perfect x 2 = Double the Satisfaction. when I looked at the 48, I was walking away from the Thruxton, which, being honest, is a far-better-performing motorcycle than the other two.

    You guys bored yet? I'm gonna have to crap or get off of the pot!

  • Bored? Hey, this is fun!

    If not for you, at least for us :-)

  • Starting feel like a bad Woody Allen script - the kind that hits the floor, you pick it up, and toss it again hoping nobody connects the maudlin ansgst back to yourself.

  • Rick. The local Beemer club has an ART (advanced rider training) day scheduled May 29th at Calabogie Raceway. You going?

  • Modify a high lift pallet jack and store two bikes in the space of one.

  • A buy a few mothballs...

  • Takes some commitment to ride a Shovel. Good ol' days!

  • The real question is.....Telecasters or Stratocasters? - All this motorcycle talk is less important than this question!

  • I think that it's more that I feel that I'm running out of squares. I want to get "in" all that I can while I've got a few left.

  • Telecasters. Picked up a '64 re-issue last week. But I'm more a Gibson player. Old stuff. C-Shop stuff. You? (We're gonna get kicked out a here!)

  • Rocky Zed - I am a sax player, but my favorite guitar to hear in the rhythm section is a tele! Someone who sounds like Steve Cropper makes me very, very, happy!

  • We won't get into my saxophone stuff, it gets pretty geeky, pretty quick. Suffice to say, mid-century American with a big sound is what I really like. I've got some new hi-tech stuff that does the job too, but I really love the old stuff.

  • Nice location. Where is that?

  • Now....just sell a couple of bikes and get that ZRX that you have been missing. Wheelies and comfort!

  • Stupidest thing that I ever did, selling my ZRX1100. Best bike! I was riding stupid-fast, though.

  • My brother has a blond '58 T that he bought in '66. That's the benchmark, for me.

  • Well now that you got the harleydavidson just keep looking over your sholder that know wones nock its of were with the w you dont have that problem being a japa I know I had a sporter

  • And the thing is, you can play strings all year round in YOW, but you can't ride for a good third of the year. Ah.

  • Which sensibly alters the predicament : if use of the bikes is of the essence, the fact that during four to five months of the year inclement weather prevents all kind of riding, wouldn't it make better sense to bring down the number of bikes to three, even two, and invest in a humidor in which a substantial quantity of cigars can be safely stored, allowing for long hours of purposeless admiration of said two (or three) motorcycles ? Food for thoughts.

  • Don't forget the storage space that is released is perfect for that wine cellar...

  • At $8,699. starting price it might have a chance to get a piece of the action amongst competition..

  • Tobacco and spirits for thought. :P

  • And since our weather here lets us ride our bikes all year long, several bikes are definitely needed! Y-A-Y.

  • Here's a kicker: Driving around Ottawa in my VW CC, yesterday, the pounding received by the ubiquitous potholes was just horrendous! I calculated that the potholes ought to be repaired by early July, and the next gegeneration of potholes should be developing nicely by the beginning of August. So, out of twelve months of the year, we'll have roads smooth-enough for the suspension on the Harley 48 (all unladen 1.8 inches worth). Hmmm... Yes.... Cigars and vino...

  • Much better-looking than the V-Rod, in my opinion. I don't mind this one (and the old XR1200)...

  • Get a Fiat Doblo 4x4. Talk to Kris for advice... :v

  • I used to do so much overtime at work. Crazy hours, and most weekends. Obsessive passion for my work, as it was voluntary, unpaid, overtime. A young security guard that did his night-shift rounds and weekend rounds would stop by my lab to see the progress of my restoration work, and to shoot the breeze. One day he asked me what else I like to do. He remarked that I was always at work and not doing any that stuff. He then said something to me that I will never forget: "Rocky, you really need to think about that! You don't have a lot of weekends left!" With that, I bought another motorcycle!

  • I tried many Harleys over the last few years. HD Inc. blows through town a couple of times a year with their Test Our Metal semi-trailer truck full of bikes. Water-cooling and refinement are not consistent with my attraction to Harleys, in general. I wound-up the throttle of the XR1200 (thinking that I finally found my type of Harley - low bar, rearsets) and it semi-enthusiastically pulled ahead of the other bikes. I was nearly banned from the Harley test ride because of it!

  • You're lucky to have that security guard knock some sense into you. Many other people are not so fortunate - slogging through their days just to "go the extra mile for the company", "not letting the team down" and such bullcr@p, when they already have more than enough to live on... and one day realise their best years have left them and all they have are more work (that their bosses/other people take credit for), old and tired body, many friends have passed on, and children that rarely visit, if ever.

    I'm glad that when I was 20 (when I had my first real, full-time job), I decided not to be a slave to my profession - paid or voluntary.

    I thank my late mother for instilling in me about being happy as the most important thing. That was further emphasised by my uncle and aunt (he's my mentor and she's Canadian, by the way!) when I lived with them upon joining my current industry, 23 years ago... :)

  • I have a 4x4. Four bikes in parallel.

  • My feeble attempt at trying to find a sensible decision about what to do about my storage problem has unearthed a variety existential and philisophical issues. The sound ideas, kindly offered to help me with this problem, made me realize that it's not about the storage. I need a motorcyle lift. I need to start smoking cigars. I need to drink more wine. I should have kept my ZRX1100. I need fewer bikes. I need more bikes. I shouldn't have bought that feckin' Harley 48. I really need another W650. I should move to another country and ride year-round. I should toss my wife's shoes to make room in the walk-in closet for more bikes. I should have bought a Honda Cub. I should choose the one I like best. I should buy more bikes. Take it down to only two. And more. All sound advice! What I take from this good advice is that there is no sensible solution to my dilemma. The only smart solution, as expressed within all of your comments is... I should follow my heart. Anyone looking for a beautiful Triumph Thruxton 900?

  • I have 4 bikes with room for 2.

  • Now that's ingenuity and commitment! :v

    **Two (gloved-hands) thumbs up!**

  • "ALWAYS follow your heart," my late mother told me...

    ...but DO NOT consume any alcoholic beverage and/or mind-altering substance while you're mulling over it! (she didn't mention this part, hence some bad decisions I made over the years)...

  • ...and I'm more than happy to just LOOK at a beautiful Thai-umph Thruxton 900, thankyouverymuch!

  • I would sell a W650 if you have two. Let somebody else enjoy the experience :D

  • Of course, I'll always prefer an air-cooled model, if I want to own a H-D again. A Low Rider or Breakout...

  • You need a second W650?

  • What model Harley did you have, Azlan?

  • Sportster Hugger (883), back in '97-'98. And a brief pre-twin cam Dyna ownership in '05...

  • Encouragement comes in many forms...

  • I had not considered generousity as a determining factor towards solving my problem. I'm thinking that I could, actually, "really use" a third W650. Whatta-ya-think, Richard? How 'bout selling me your W? My alter ego needs a bike too!

  • On the first-gen V-Rod - a H-D Malaysia media tester bike. :)

  • The best decision when in a complicated situation such as this is to make no decision and just find calm before doing anything...

  • I was very close to the national dealer and H-D community, back in '03-'05. Too much partying and J.Daniels (the unofficial beverage for H-D people in this part of the world, for some reason).

    In this photo, my ride is the SPortster 1200 (also H-D Malaysia's media bike). My gang and I are about to enter SIngapore, for some merrymaking... :P

  • No regret, no rermorse. Every morning.

  • **sits back and watches**

  • Sobered up in '06, quit my job after 11 years at the same place, decided to grow up(!), joined two magazines successively and after my mother died in '07, I lost my ability to write. I decided to try and learn new things. In '08, got my small team appointed as the BRP Can-Am Spyder dealer for Malaysia.

    I'm on a working trip to BRP Sydney there, the Asia-Pacific marketing & distribution HQ.

    Lovely engine this thing has (shares the same lump with the Aprilia RSV1000R, since BRP owns Rotax).

    *I'm wearing a H-D t-shirt!

    **The writing-thing came back, eventually. Rejoined publishing industry again in 2010. :D

  • Some history, there!

  • Yeah, the highly-condensed version!

    All the things I did - work-wise, I followed my heart. There were some mistakes here and there, bittersweet and all... but all were connected to put me where I am now and made me the person I am now, on hindsight. I wouldn't change any part of it... ;)

  • No, the one I have is a beauty so I'm happy with one..

  • Rocky, you have a problem :D

  • Three is enough bikes for me, although I suppose I could make room for a dirt bike..

  • **totally agrees with Richard... had the same thought earlier, except that the word on his mind was not "problem", but "condition"**

  • it's a challenge... not a condition.

  • That's what your probation officer said too. :v

  • No, it was the nurse who administered the genital cuff...

  • Well, I did use the word "challenge" about a million comments prior to this one. Scroll up! :)

  • Yeah, I get it, Jack - sometimes it was administered where the sun doesn't shine. :\

  • So... Azlan. Which have you enjoyed riding more, your "Low," or your W?

  • Most voices in my head are all in favour of selling the Thai-bike. Some voices suggest buying a black and gold W instead, others suggets a B&G paint job on the HD. All voices want to keep all W's.

  • A guitar with a sidecar, for use in slippery conditions perhaps?

  • So... Those voices that I've been hearing are actually coming from your head, Kris?

  • What did you say after "hello" ?

  • You mean the Hugger and Dyna as compared to the W? The enjoyment is the same. The Harleys were 12-20 years ago. Different lifetime, lifestyle and crowd. I don't ride in groups anymore. But I enjoy riding all them bikes.

  • You guys do realize we are having four simultaneous conversations within the same thread ?

  • Azlan And haircut.

  • Haha! Yes, different hair... and I was 10kg heavier too...

  • Big deal! The voices in my head complain that they keep hearing MY voice nagging and heckling them to do things... which frustrates them, since they are just voices with neither ears nor heads of course!!

  • That's okay, I've had my "Martin Riggs" period in the 80s too, with long hair and cowboy boots. Let's not go in that direction :D

  • I had bleached hair and cowboy boots!! Hahahaaa!

    *feels so close to Jack... awww...* :P

  • Scary thought.

  • Har harrr!

    Before those bikes, I was riding a Virago 535... wearing that tough leather jacket with so many metal buttons, zippers and buckles! :o

  • A couple continents away I was riding a 250XL trail bike !

  • And wearing a beard...

  • The beard is good to trap bugs, for your protein intake whilst camping out in the bush. Kris will attest to that.

    (Do people still say "whilst"?)

  • And even before the Virago, I was terrorising my town on my C70 Honda Cub, whilst humming "La Paloma"... :D

  • We are gifted!

  • Rocky, that must be the echo. Resounds stronger in an empty environment :-)

  • Only four? That's a pity, I was hoping for a lot more! Just like Rocky, who's going for still one more motorsickle. To buy or to sell, that's not clear yet...

  • A beard is very usefull for storing emergency rations made of leftover bits and crumbs. Just have a bite of anything youlike, whilst letting the remainder settle down in the beard. Remember to give it an occasional spray with Jack D to keep the vermin out.