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A few quick photos, super humid tonight, can't keep the shine on the chrome. Shark amp, 3" subwoofer, handcrafted hidden hitch and sissy bar. Ulysse Android speedo and Hankook DS.

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  • What pipes are those?

  • That's a nice setup. I like the Nomad backrest setup. You're bike looks ready for some serious miles. Where's the sub? BTW, I saw that Kevin Wilde posted here yesterday asking about windshield info for a V2K with the headlight nacelle. Maybe you could give him some info.

  • Pipes are Cobra shorts, minus baffles, (have quiet baffles but she runs a tad warm with them installed) the sub is a true 3" and is mounted under the stock backrest. the windshield is a Switchblade quick mount and it came with the bike.

  • Your V2K rear tire looks different from metzler. Can u tell which one have u fitted. The size n the make. Did u do any modifications after fixing it.

  • Sunil Sukumaran The DS on my bike is a Hankook Ventus HR II H405 205/55/16 90H Dsb, no mods to fit even with the hidden hitch frame inside the fender. Do I like it? I will NEVER go back to a MC tire. The tire makes a little bit of road noise, but that reassures me of how much contact there is on the pavement.