Photos from River Rio's post

This is the second attempt Rodger in QC made at doing a front crash guard for my avenger, the first attempted looked better but it made contact with the mud guard. Cost was P3500.

I was surprised to read someone here say crash guards are available from kawa Alabang because I was in there 3 days before and told they were not available.

  • When Sir Vic Omamalin posted last 3/24 that he was scheduled to go to the Alabang plant and thinking he's the one nearest to the plant, I patiently waited what items would be available, even though i had been there just less than a week before. Luckily, crash guards had just arrived together with sari guards, nonetheless no eliminator fuel tank decals yet, as Sir Vic stated.... your crash guard seems to be bigger and durably installed

  • Parts for avenger at the kawasaki plant are in now-you-see-it-now-you-dont status. It took me 3 visits before getting my clutch cable. When I bought it, I inquired on the crash guards and was informed they were available.

  • sir, una po ba nasisira ang clutch cable? if so then i would also buy one in advance