Photos from Ricky Ludlam's post


The rebuild is nearly complete... pick engine up tomorrow thats had a full rebuild rechromed barrel and kips has been cleaned. Frame blasted checked for cracks then powder bearings all round. Plus added goodies...

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  • Jonathon Bell fix the drawer.. how about you fix this disc guard. Haha

  • Everyone is beating me to it. Still not got my motor rebuilt.

  • Slacker mate. Karl Woodgate

  • Look at all the bits i got under the sofa though... Loads more in the shed and on its way from the US!

  • Drooling..

  • I had same this morning till i took everything out of packaging and lined it all up ready to fit..

  • Took me all day. From bare frame to fully bearing greased up. To completed rolling chassis ready for engine tomorrow.

  • All done... twice warmed up after fresh rebuild... few more of them. Then couple of steady moving ones.. then thats it...feels alot more crisp than before...and very meaty..

  • Oh dear ive got her dirty...