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Chop complete

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  • 2 extreme lift, 31 outlaws,vfj clutch, 1 inch spacers, 14x7 msa beadlocks

  • 5" chopped cage

  • Nice.... and I'm Digging The Chop, Always Wanted To Do It As Well.... I'm Running The 3" Gorilla Lift, 28" Mudlights on 14" ITP Beadlocks.... I'm Wanting To Run 30 or 31 and Have Been Looking At The SuperATV Arched A-Arms.... Have Also Wanting The VFJohn Stage 3.... How Does The Bike Handle The Big Tires As Far As Power?.... Any Suggestions?....

  • I just ordered the xtreme 8" lift, it handles the 31 fine , turns them good, bout to step up to 32.5 outlaws or 34 outlaws

  • I've Looked At Their Page and Also Many Other Lifts but CATVOS Wants A Ton For The 6".... How Much Did U Get The 8" For?..

  • Few of my buddies run catvos lifts and I'm unhappy wit how it came for $3700, I paid 3k uncoated wit turner axles

  • Hell Yeah.... I've Always Been Pissed That There Isn't A Big Variety For My Model.... Been Super Jelous Of Everything I'm Seeing Offered For The New T2 and T4.... Like The Portals and 6" SuperATV For Decent Prices....

  • I wanted portals, but superatv said it's a no go on them

  • Yeah I Really Wanted Them Too.... The Gear Reduction Would Be Nice....

  • Do you have your old rims ?

  • Yes