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Jonathon Bell , full titanium☺

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  • Wow.

  • nice (y)

  • Superb Richard!!!

    I'd love a peg bracket...

  • Jonathon Bell has the bracket and also a bracket for the silencer

  • There going to hurt

  • I've got the silencer bracket.

  • Looks the goods

  • you get all my respect. whoever lives with you must be someone who s willing to share space!!!

  • Nice bike! What kind of pipe?

  • I wouldn't mind one of those brackets

  • She loves me and the sport

  • Dpr Dutch power racing

  • Jonathon Bell

  • Looks great! How do they perform?

  • I still have a few billet footpeg mounts available.

  • Greath

  • And also for a 250

  • Will it fit on a 89 frame and what is the price

  • £55 Inc shipping to Australia.

  • Fits 1988-2004 kx500

  • How about to Arizona?

  • Yep I'll take one sold. Ill pm you

  • I'll take one as well Richard please. Sold. I'll PM you. Cheers.

  • David Harding you have to contact Jonathon Bell

  • Oh okay cheers. Will do.

  • I can ship to Arizona no problem. Please be aware, the footpeg brackets are made from steel,..not titanium. Richard has fitted titanium pegs using titanium pins and bolts.

    Just wanted to avoid any confusion.

  • Jonathon Bell I have sent you a PM.

  • Where did you get those pegs? They look angry

  • Nothing showing yet. I sent a friend request, it should work if you accept.

  • I sent you a pm too Johnathon bell