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If some one need kawasaki stuff please contact me

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  • 4 times you promised

    me to get the parts - never happend.

  • Peter ,i am going to quit with it , and when i have time i am going to pick it up again , i have given you your money back and when i have time i am going to sell kawa parts

  • I received the parts from you Richard. Cheers mate.

  • So have I ...thank you Richard van Drooge

  • Have you got a kick start for an 87 please.

  • John Gerrish

  • Richard van Drooge do you have any 87-88 tecate 4 parts?

  • Whats tecate 4

  • Quad Richard

  • Check my inbox please

  • 87-88

  • No sorry

  • Braaap! Score!