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Sorted zxr750l1 with j1 engine. Why someone dropped a j in it is beyond me. But happy to have her on road.

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  • Richard, you know that the L engines have the J prefix don't you???

  • I do now. Only noticed when changing the cam tensioner. It had a j tensioner and j number so just assumed someone had dropped a j in for whatever reason. Any other tell tale signs I should keep an eye out for. Other than v5 saying engine not stated.

  • I know that the j and l are the same but js are restricted. So the manual says any how.

  • Off the top of my head I'm not sure, I just know that my L has a J prefix and when I trawled tinterweb I found this to be correct. I think the L did have a touch more BHP but prolly best to google it. Have a good look because some people have it wrong on forums. All just opinions I suppose!