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So the shop that is doing my engine opens it and found this clutch basket and pressure plate like this in the picture.

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  • that's insane. hillbilly lock out clutch....

  • I know right lol

  • if your stuck I can likely get you a clutch. I assume your in the states? be easier if you can find one down there as I'm up in canada

  • Derek Raymo thanks I'm looking on eBay now

  • Just when you thought you've seem it that is crazy.

  • I know right, I was like what the hell. I just ordered one.

  • I have a mint cutch basket assembly with the littlest of use.

  • Sell and ship.

  • Thanks man but I got one on the way

  • I have lots of parts if you need any

  • Joshua Pleace ok cool I'll keep u in mind if I need any. I appreciate it