Photos from Raven Wood's post

My Ariana with friends last night and a rare German bike turned up.

  • Yes "Simson" and "MZ" build good Bikes in the old time. And because of the low budget of the GDR they build them very long without any changes and you had many of them on the Road. After the GDR fusioned with West-Germany no one wanted them anymore. When I was a smaller Boy I could get one from all kind of people in my Village, without even spending money. Everybody wanted the new "West"-bikes. The old ones were given awawy or thrown away. Now, about 25 years later the people remember that the Bikes where good and now You pay a lot of money for the bikes, no matter what kind of Quality. Sad but true.

  • Always liked MZs. There off readers were amazing and strong.

  • Too bad the Malaysian company that once owned MZ didn't hold on to it for long. They made a few 110-125cc moped and scooter models, aside from some Yamaha-based 250cc & 650cc MXs and a litre parallel-twin sportsbike I had the pleasure of trying for a week. Then, one day they shut down... :(

  • Yes they should have going on produce their own bikes, but in the early 90's the "big ones" like BMW managed it that there were no sponsoring in the economy for MZ.

  • Owned a 1979 TS250 5 speed bought on EBay about 5 years ago for 500gbp which I cleaned up and rode for about 3000 miles for fun before selling it to a sentimental bike dealer for 650gbp. I do like odd old bikes.

  • I like MZ's with sidecars, they're great. And goddamn heavy!

  • At one time MZ rooled the trax.