Photos from Raven Wood's post


Couple of my friends trying out Ariana.

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  • No the other. Lol

  • Anyway why is there a garden full of girls at yours- a hen party, girly night out?

    Are your chicks up for getting their bike licence?

  • I'm still working in them. Lol. Was our out for a curry night.

  • Well tell them if they get a bike and stick in at it they might eventually be as secretive as you are.

  • Possibly. Lol

  • Raven good day, we finally found the mystery woman

  • Lol nope Sorry Antonio Paini, these are pictures of friends not me.

  • mystery woman ..very nice yours friends.. us you ??? ...good Week end ...

  • Off out with the VJMC today but taking Nigel my 750 Zephyr. Yes, my friends are lovely. Thanks.