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Ariana's big sister, Gertrude, is back after a top end rebuild. She's had good men working on her and is as new.

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  • With the wee skinny forks.

  • It is a stunning bike !!

  • Miss mine.

  • If Ariadne can have a big sister, C5 can have a big brother.

  • Sweet BSA, Colin! And that's the nicest tank that BSA put on a "unit" twin. A B25, that I once owned, had a mini version of that tank.

  • I'd love to own my Dad's old Shooting Star.

  • That tank and I battle f,ing ethanol, it'll be the death of it. It's a fine looking bike and braw to ride.

  • Yeh, members in the classic club i belong to have a hard time with ethanol . The oldest bike is a 1939 BSA. Can't recall off the top of my head the model.

  • Does no one use etjanol stabilizer mix?

  • For instance?

  • ETHOMIX from Frosts.

  • My Beezer has a fibreglass tank Ned. Those products won't help. I've lined the tank with Caswell gts1750 again. I did it before but may have missed a spot which is all that shit needs to start to dissolve the resins bonding the sections of the tank. Here's hoping but I may just have to get an aluminium one made in England. 40 weeks waiting time so hopefully I'll get a summer out of this one and have time to filch a grand from the housekeeping budget. Distilled food has no place in petrol tanks when peple are starving.