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Over 420 miles and 4 Fuel stops, Trip out to Wells in Somerset and the Cheddar Gorge. Ariana ran beautifully and although asked for one pic of her and I, he got trigger happy...

  • Hey Girl... With that kind of accoutrement you ride the wrong bike... MFP-style should prevail say I ;)

  • The Goose !!

  • Lol. I have different looks, this one, one that's more relaxed : shown on profile picture and one with my green triumph jacket, tan jeans and brown knee length lace up boots. Depends on what I'm doing and where I'm riding.

  • Hey, I should have known ! ;)

  • Did you fill up each of the 4 times, Raven? Reason I ask is that I've noticed that my W will run out of fuel after about 160 miles, so I would have covered the 420 miles with just over 2.5 tanks of fuel. Depends how fast you ride, of course, and I guess you used the motorway?

  • Did use the motorway where possible, I had a full tank on leaving home but will fill her again at the 120 mile mark, just a personal thing, I do it with the car as well not letting it get too empty. The fella will carry on until running on fumes but I think it's not so good for the engine. I could be spouting rubbish though. Lol

  • Just had to edit that... Auto correct goes crazy sometimes and mucks about with my words and thinks I wish to type something else!

  • Good thinking, Raven and I do the same thing really, only I keep an eye on the trip meter and fill up at about 160. I do find that I can do most of my rides there and back on a tankful. If going a greater distance (haven't, yet) I would prob do the same as you. Plus on a long run using motorways, you have to fuel up when you can.