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  • I live in the cool-ish Pacific Northwest and ride my W in a pretty gentle way. I have taken several long trips to eastern Washington in the summer, when the temps can hit over 100. Still no blue!

  • Maybe Kris is right, or beeing much more moisty and cold around here when in contact with the hot iron tends to taint ours much faster... Don't know really... I am just the guy that feeds the lady and twists the right grip :)... although I tend to rev it up a bit... I just love the elasticity on that 3rd.

  • I'll try to post a picture later, but imagine if you will my W : Green & Cream tank with the way-cooler W800 badges on it, along with the W800 chrome chain guard and the W800 chrome bevel gear cover. Beautiful bike, now even more beautiful!

  • Or perhaps the lining split. It happens usually in the summer when temps hover around the 35/40c mark. The pipe lining separates, and you can hear the noise of it flapping inside when you ride. It sticks back on when cold though. Most times.

  • I'll polish it off for the Classic shows she's entered for, she's 15 in August so qualifies as one. She'll be appearing at Rushden Cavalcade Transport & Vintage show along side the Z in the East Northamptonshire Classic Motorcycle Club stand with other beautiful old machines. Cavalcade dates:3/4/5th May. It's a big event with all sorts of things going on, Google it and find out more. x

  • Whooooo... a famous w!!! a prize winner, no doubt!

  • Hey you folks in England & Europe - does anybody have a W800 and can compare it to a W650? It looks like it's never going to available here in the US. Would I trade my 650 for the 800 if I could? Hmmm...probably not. Even though I've always felt my W could use a few more ponies I've heard that the 800 doesn't really have more enough to make a difference. PLUS the 800 doesn't have a kickstarter! That's a deal killer right there.

  • Well Kirk, your answer is in your question. There have been a few comparos that you probably can dig up on the internet, but technically both bikes are very similar. Displacement diff is not that big either, going from 676cc to 773cc... Not even 100cc difference !! I have ridden both and certainly would never, ever trade my 650 for a W800. Kickstarter being a big factor.

  • Ha..ha.. hope so Joao P Carvalhinho. x

  • I fell in love with the W650 when it was introduced in my country many years ago. Unfortunately, Kawasaki Malaysia stopped importing (and selling) them after only FIVE units were sold. Whatthefekk?? :(

    And so, the 20-plus current W owners have to make do with the 800 here. Being a 5-speeder and made for B-road enjoyment, I don't mind a carb-fed, 676cc at all (with kick starter too!).

    The W800's fuel injection makes life a bit 'boring', since there's not much fettling can be done...