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Finally time to share a few photos from our ride to Scotland in the last 2 weeks of august.

One bike only, my girlfriend and me, 13 days total, 3013 km in 9 days on the road, round about 2x700 km in 2 nights on the ferries from Amsterdam to Newcastle and back.

We were very lucky, only 2 rainy days there, and only when we were not driving. We spend 2 days after our arrival because of a noro virus infection from the boat, one day in Stirling and one in Edinburgh for sight-seeing.

Great experience! A beautiful country, friendly people. It's easy to get stuck into a talk with foreign people, even by only asking someone for the way beside the road... :)

I love the landscapes with all the lochs (lakes), mountains of the Highlands and the cliffs at the coasts in east and west, all the well maintained castles and ruins everywhere and Villages and towns with all their old houses...

And i visited my favourite distillery in Dufftown, Glenfiddich. Great! :)

Also i'm impressed of the scottish history around William Wallace and Robert the Bruce. We have seen impressive monuments, buildings and artefacts.

We agree... we'll visit Scotland soon again! Love it!

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  • I will like make this ride! Amazing Scotland landcapes. Congratulations

  • Next time think about calling the VRA Scottish region we would love to show you around and ride with you - PM me for my number

  • Sounds good! I'll think about it next time.

    Where is the VRA Scotland exactly located?

  • We have members spread all over scotland, we are not a big chapter but a tight one - and meet monthly in different areas from the borders to the highlands North sea coast to the Atlantic

  • Amazing pics, great Trip - will ne with you at next visit there...