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Weekly wash n wax for my Versys

  • Can you come clean mine?

  • Loll. I dont clean mine either. Im too lazy... take it to the washer n get it done...

  • Rajiv I might clean mine tomorrow

  • Cooll.. i may take it out for a spin in the morning. Need to clean my garage tomorrow

  • Dear Rajiv, I am planning to buy Versys soon, would like to know your feedback on same. What kinda rides u use it for?

  • Hi ankur.. good choice.. its a fab machine.. very very comfortable for long touring.. the torque curve is well spread so it feels fast.. if ur below 5.9 ft tall u may have an issue as its pretty tall.. but it is managable . Can use it everyday in heavy traffic as well without issues. Does not heat n shut down like the duke 390 or 4 cylinder bikes..super highway bet below 10L for touring.

  • I use it for weekend tourers as well as city riding .. i have using my car.. so its the Versys and my classic 500...

  • Ohh great, Ya i am 6ft. I too use a Std 500, looking for an addition for long tours

  • Buy it without thinking. Chexk out the reviews on u tube.. by overdrive and power drift

  • Its a fab bike. Only drawback is if u go i potholes at speeds over 120 kmph ul bend the rims... and they cost about 36000 bucks

  • The bike pushes u to go fast n long.. super breaking system as well.

  • no your not cleaning that bike right you have to get the miss to do it and you sit and watch

  • Hahaha ... naaaa. .. unless I wanna live in my garage

  • like this Rajiv Samson the miss cleaning the z1000sx

  • O mann.. lol. Wait lemme show my wife this...