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1994 c model zzr1100 any comments lovely looking bike will be mine in a month

  • I know but I famously had that on my blackbird years ago when a 'new' bend tightened up on me faster than I could ever have imagined bt I wouldn't know if you can ride the same on a Fireblade or simlar :-)

  • .... meaning, can a lighter bike have a gear change mid-bend with no consequences

  • i also learned that tyres are very important on this bike.

  • Pat....Shh...You'll get them started again! ;)

  • Wasn't that a howler Andrew?? The best yet since this page started 6 years ago! Some people, (mention no names) know just which buttons to press lol :-) Good job we are all 'appreciators' just got different projects going on in our own little worlds :D

  • so which have you opted for in the end?

  • It's an early d

  • Possibly about k-reg

  • No its a L reg. I own the bike

  • Yes the c is also faster in a bend :D

  • Well I didn't hear/see that!! :-)

  • You selling your ride mate

  • Hi George. Yes mate. Don't have time to ride 2 bikes. And peter wants a good zzz. So peter is having it.

  • Going touring scotland on it 1st week in june Chris, hope the weathers ok but plenty of panier space for waterproofs

  • 5th week in June is usually dry

  • Still enjoy it whatever touring with a mate on his 1999 busa