• Photos from Peter Andersen's post

    Is there someone who can tell me the offset of a stock 88' kx500 front rim. I have the measurement for the rear, which is 35 mm in the discbrake side.

    • I'm not sure - I have a measurement from a 89' that says about 35 mm.

    • My -89 is 35 as well

    • Thanks Peter - might try that.

    • 91 still 35 mm

    • I hate this work

    • front I think 25 mm but you can measure the center of the hub and the center of the rim .... good luck! Did I tell you that I hate this work .....

    • anotehr one was this

    • ....

    • Just true the rim in the forks or swingarm. Best way to do it if you don't have measurements.

    • Michi Kay