Photos from Paul Thompson's post

Today I had an unexpected day off, so I did what any self-respecting man-of-the-house would do.

I gonged the chores and went for a 200mile rip on my bike.

Fantastic man, there's a bit of an Indian summer happening up here so I had to make the most if it.

After all I could be dead tomorrow, or worse, it could rain!

  • If it makes the seat more comfortable ... maybe we'll all start wearing them. :)

  • lol, good idea

  • Lol (keeping quiet in the background but enjoying the banter).

  • Raven - You could NEVER be a backroom ... uh ... I mean background girl. :)

  • Jerry

  • Hmmmmm, me thinks your telling porky pies... ;-)

  • io! I'm vegetarian!

  • Was over your way-ish John, did you not hear me shout "Hi" to you from the M4? lol

  • i heard summit. lol