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Bike still got another month of warranty but couldn't face riding it around any longer with the quiet, wide set HEAVY original exhaust system. Finally got hold of a 4 into 1 Muzzy off EBay for £125 absolutely mint after a bit of autosol polishing ... Can't believe no one else bid on it, anyway fitted it yesterday and what a difference. Weighed original system at 16.8kg, Muzzy weighed in at 5.4kg, a massive 25lbs less. Took it for a spin today and it's a different bike, most of the bottom end flat spot has gone, but will still pull flies out next, it sounds awesome. The only thing I'm going to do to it is shorten the can to 300mm (12") as it's just a bit too long. So much more manoeuvrable without the extra weight and parks easier against the wall in garage... Just like to know if anyone recommends pulling the flies out now and leaving it as is or getting it set up on dyno or leave flies in and get set up on dyno/flashed. Any ideas much appreciated.....

  • Leave the secondary flies in, and get it re-mapped by someone who knows what they're doing on the ZZR1400. Hilltop are well known on the forum as are CJS in Bristol and John Warrington near York.

  • To far from me or I would use them myself maybe call them see if I can send down my ecu

  • Hi Matt, Was that your bike ?

  • Gen2 with a Brocks alien head 4 into 1

  • Nice

  • Did you fit the 4 into 1 ?

  • And how many miles did bike cover until you got it dynoed ?

  • Well just contacted hilltop motorcycles and just waiting on a price to flash my ecu so great to unleash the beast

  • So won't need to remove the secondary s then if ecu is getting flashed or will I take them out

  • Shouldn't need to remove them if they tell the ECU to open them earlier but you will have to ask them whether they remap the ECU that way or not.

  • Bike had done about 4K miles

  • They usually map the ecu to open the flies at 3200rpm instead of the 5000+ that they are as standard. Roll on top gear excelleration from 70 mph is now just hilarious!!

  • Thanks guys can't wait went to iom tt 2 up with full luggage all 125 cc could beat me

  • It shouldn't be that bad, is there something wrong wiith it? :O

  • Not sure lee ppl say its fastest thing but never noticed much more power than my old zx6r g1 tbh but not been on another zzr to compare it to