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Well after a few days of checking plugs,caps,fuel flow, carbs off checking pilot jets and main jets for blockages, putting carbs back on, i couldn't find the source of a rough idle that I was getting from my 96 D model. Was getting worried it might be a valve seal gone. So as a last resort I got my vacuum gauges and set them up and proceeded to check all carbs were in sync which they all were, I blipped the throttle and noticed on No1 carb intake that fuel was pissing up around the needle. So off with carbs again, dropped float bowl off and used a new float needle valve and seat and seal from a kit I bought last week.

Put Carbs back on and she ticks over like a Swiss watch. Quick twist of the throttle and the response is perfect again....

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  • What a brilliant result for perseverance! Murphy's Law says it's always going to be the last thing you'll check ☺ Well done (y)

  • brilliant news :D

  • Any chance of close ups of the carb synch pipes? Doing mine nxt winter..

  • Yes, pipes are approx 8mm diameter with a bore of 4.5 to 5mm by around 450mm long. Should have little screw in valves to buffer the vacuum back to the gauges to stop them flickering and keep them stable, but these should come in a kit anyway.

  • ! Well if he fixed it and kept looking...

  • what rpm is best for sinking the carbs please 2k?

  • Idle speed about 1500

  • cheers colin

  • Idle speed 1050rpm

  • Paul is correct for normal running ,but i have my idle speed a bit higher for carb syncing ,then knock it of to about 1100 when finished . This is because at lower revs the needles can become a bit erratic. You have adjustment on the carb balancers, through the air screw , to prevent them going all over the place. It also is worthwhile before you start, to make sure all 4 needles are in the same place on each dial . It doesnt matter exactly where on the dial, just in the same place. There are adjustment screws for the needles at the back of the dials. I havent used digital carb balancers, they might be easier ?