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Triumph or Kawasaki W650! Super chérie ou supercherie?

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  • RIght on Olivier :) !!! Right on!

  • why to put a triumph logo on a kawasaki? :-(

  • Always funny to fool the self-appointed experts :v

  • It always looks like someone really wants to be seen as a Triumph owner without the maintenance issues to me,

  • In retrospect, Bloor should have sold the W650 under license and stick it with the Triumph brand name he owned. New Bonnie and W owners would have become one big great family !! ;)

  • Another fine W vandalised with trashy logos. But hey! Who am I to judge? As long as the owner is happy............

  • Me back when I used to put Triumph badges on bikes, which were...ere... Well Triumphs! (I miss the hair as much as the Trident)

  • Rough guy, rough bikes.... So cool !! John, you haven't changed ONE BIT !!

  • Yeah right! lol...

  • Looks a lot like one of my Triumphs in the photo ...