Photos from Nigel Caldecott's post

So, I can confirm that a 4 into 1 system off a C will fit a 1990 D model without any modifications. Many thanks to Steven Warth for a painless transaction and to Joe Newton for giving up some of his Saturday afternoon to help out.

Am really pleased with the new look and was staggered by how clean the engine was when I took the fairing lowers off. Apart from the knackered old headers there was absolutely no corrosion, rust or anything else to indicate the bike is 17 years old.

Will keep over winter and come spring time will prob be for sale, so keep your eyes peeled

  • Joe has an amazing zzr

  • A C model's exhaust will slow down the D

  • Ahh, the rare 1990 D model :P

  • How is the rear can mounted ? There is a slight difference between rear mounting points on the c and d systems , but can usually be overcome .

  • Hi Colin, the mounting bracket on the can can be loosened and with just a little bit of wiggling can easily be married up to the footrest hanger. It definitely helps it being a 2 piece system, it allows that crucial extra little bit of movement.