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HELP!!!! Progressive Fork Springs. I broght the forks & new Pro springs to my mechanic a week ago and picked them up tonight and he said he was all confused over the instructions and the 2 guys he talked to at Progressive were of NO help at all.

So can someone please tell me what needs to be done. My mechanic was going by the confusing Fork Spring Notes on back page. He's done Pro springs on many bikes before and never had a problem. So there are 2 Pro springs in the box with 2 PVC spacers. Now that is all that goes back into the forks?

Do the PVC spacers get cut and to what length? Same length for each fork? (and the OEM spacers are discarded?)

Does the same amount of new oil go back in like it says in shop manual? Whatever you all tell me, I will pring out and show to my mechanic tomorrow.

Thanks for the help. My mechanic said he didn't want to do something wrong and then it cause me an accident....I can see his point.

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  • yes there is a little piece of paper strip that was in the paperwork (or should have been). PVC needs to be cut to 4.25 inches. He is going to need to pull the forks completely off of bike to drain, I thought I could vacuum the old fluid out but, when I took off and compressed the fork (10 times) there was still plenty of fluid left in there. Then the Kawi service manual says 17.4 oz with 10w for refill each but says for complete tear tear-down and clean, add like 20 OR you can measure the height of the oil in the fork...needs to be about 203mm +-3. Only reason I know all this is because I just did mine, and I am very happy, good luck! Yes throw away old spacers and springs but keep the washer and put back in between spring and PVC, put tighter coiled side of springs in first. do the same for both sides.

  • I already pulled the forks....LOL OK, I see that strip of paper now. Easy to miss it as being part of the vital instructions. Thank you.

  • It's also easier to get the caps off with the forks still mounted.

  • Ralph...unless you're a shop with all the tools to do anything you want.

  • You need a new mech.

  • I was about to say the same thing Jim Renda! If he can't read instructions..or better yet hasn't done forks before..Definately Tim for a new mechanic.. I wouldn't trust anything from him if he can't do something all us diy people can do

  • Colt Hall in my Friend's defense, he has done a good many Pro springs,mostly on Harleys. He's had a bad week with all kinds of heart and body tests done to find out a problem and was told he has a few problems. Looks like he was looking at the back page of instructions and if you take the time to read it, it would confuse the hell out of you too. The little slip of paper in the packet was easily overlooked (the one that tells you lenth of sleeves). He also called PROGRESSIVE TECH SUPPORT twice and those Idiots did not know and told him to let someone else do the job that has done pre springs before. Pretty sorry When Progressive does not know the answer....why didn't you just try to put blame on them? I came on here asking for help and not to receive crap about my Mechanic friend. That was uncalled for. Stephan Stephen Slack stepped up & gave me the answer i asked for without any negative remarks.

  • Ok.. I'm just saying I think your have had better doing them yourself..I'm not going to bash him anymore and not trying to offend try not to take offense.. But I still stick with my opinion that I wouldn't let him work on my stuff.. If you have good faith in him and he's never done you wrong then great..

    But this one thing would drop my faith in a person in a heartbeat..

    Again..don't take it as negativity or as I'm bashing either you or him.. I just have trust issues with people I have work on something if they ask me how to do it

  • Well, Nick... i just think, when you can remove the forks yourself you could also go that little step further and change the springs by yourself. It's not that difficult. You just need enough fork oil. ;)

  • Colt Hall He talked to me about it last night in depth and how he talked to progressive. He has done pro springs many times, but was told by pro that these are special bikes and not to be treated like all other. He was straight with me about everything and he excercised on the side of safety for me. I bringing the forks back to him shortly with all the news to let him do the work cause I Trust him.

  • Ralph Lehmann I have changed springs before or put new juice in them. After reading others on here talk about the job being easier to do with 4 hands, I decided to let the shop do it. I know How bad my luck is and I am also use to threaded fork caps. I saw the caps on these forks as being something (at the time) was not confident enuff to try to remove-reinstall on my own.

  • I was talking to my mech today he said he can do them without removing the forks from the bike. I think he might be full of shit and told him so but he said he does it all the time.

  • Jim...he must have a special vacum for the fluid, but even then, one would think you would still need to pump each fork to suck out more fluid. The old Mad Max 900 & 1000,s had a fork oil drain screw on bottom outside of the forks which made it easy to drain and refill oir every year for me.

  • Nick Cherevas yeah i kinda miss my old kawasaki's but the mait was way more then todays M/C

  • I tried vacuuming but only got about 2/3 the fluid out,.. you really need to flip over and pump to get it all out

  • Forks done today for $60 and that included the oil. I was told the oil was Black and smelled bad. Is Black well used fork oil normal for an 06 with 12K miles?

  • Hard to say but certainly past it's interval. The new Lucas oil I used was dark green. Glad to hear your upgraded!