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    So Depressed as my Bike is all tore down. Getting most of the chrome powdered coated in a wrinkle gloss sparkle & few in a Jewlery gold. (I HATE CHROME) Those parts should be done any day now.

    Will be putting on a Hypercharger, 19" Ape hangers, Dobeck fuel controller, Stebel horn, New front tire, HD Progressive fork springs, custom front fender. Hope to get a Batwing (stereo ready) from Tsukayu next week. Removed all the Kawasaki & Vulcan badging.

    Since money is limited, will have to add more custom parts thru-out the year and most likely new paint next winter.

    I do have a Cee Bailey like new windshield with all the chrome mounts still on the shield, Mustang leather tank bid up for sale. I tried double darkside and did not like it, so have tires for sale as set (in person pick up is best for those).

    • U build a custom bike ?

    • Yes I am. A little bit at a time as I can afford it.

    • Yep Custom building is espensiv Hobby

    • buy another v2k! problem solved!

    • Next bike I buy will be a 2012-newer Victory Cross Country Tour like I had before. When I can afford it

    • I don't understand the depression you tore it down to modify it. My V2K is also in pieces however no depression here I know that's what need to happen to make it what I want. if you are trying to save money to get a 5 year old bike why not just ride it the way it is until you can get the funds together to get what you really want ? Seams dumping more money into something you don't want to own is going backwards to achieve your end goal. Just my view of what I see you doing to the Big Boy you will never re coup that money to put it toward the New bike in fact you may very well get less for it doing modds that others may not feel are there cup of tea. Stock bike is worth more if you are looking to trade it in and modded bikes most times bring less on a private sale unless you did some really cool custom one off stuff that someone else just has to have. Good Luck in whatever you decide but don't be depressed it's almost time to ride.

    • Depression is something I live with and the degrees get worse when the weather is nice and all the bikes cruise down the main country mountain road I live on. Knowing I can't ride frustrates me. In my life and the way it goes, I may never get lucky enuff to have the chance to get another Victory....way my health is, there are days I wonder if I will see another tomorrow. My life is not all Black and White that you or anyone else can understand. If this is my last year of life, do I want to spend it on the bike that makes me happy....of course I do, but can I afford it...Phuck No. I thought my life was gonna be free sailing after losing Mom to cancer in 2012 and my $500,000 inheritance was going to fix me up thru retirement......I did nt expect my brother to steel it from me before Mom died and I found out the hard way after she died....3 lawyers and nothing they could do. Just celebrated my 19th year of severe panic disorder on Feb. 12, was told in Nov I have Diabetes, already have A-Fib, sleep apnea. I am tured of the daily pains of Fibromyalgia brought on from being rear ended on my bike months after losing my Mom. Maybe if there was an itty bitty chance for me to get the bike I really love and knoing it will be the death of me financially, then Idiot me will take that plunge and i was going to do just that past 2 days until a certain delership refused to contact me. So here I am finishing up part of my build on my Beast. And after seeing the Custom ones out in Europe.....got some new ideas. I love custom and high performance. Hate floorboard scraping and not having overdrive and all the wind buffeting, but its time to fix most of that. But Depression for me is something that will always be and its just good to know that I won't take my life over it or any of my other health issues....just wish I could get some financial freaking breaks in life and not have to worry about trying to make ends meet during half the months of the year. Tired of being disabled. It good to come on here and get Help and Ideas and learn what others have done to make this bike better to ride.

    • Nice comment bro. Good Luck for u.