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I'd just like to share this is a recent KX500 engine that we vapour blasted for a customer it had been painted black and looked pretty bad

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  • Perhaps i should bring my cases up to gods country and let you do mine.

  • Hi your welcome or you can ship to me if easier?

  • Im from leeds anyway so its an excuse to come home. Whats your pricing? Same parts as in the picture except mine are fairly clean already

  • Now needs silver paint to protect it.

  • Hi that's not correct Paul the glass bead acts as a polish which seals the surface if kept clean and dry when stored it will last a few years

  • How much for that clutch cover? Lol :-)

  • My point,why let it sit,ride em! They are sealed from factory,cause mine has never corroded. 92 Kawplow 500.

  • I use it extensively

  • I spray mine with Light Metal Protector ,but Budds Creek and Speed Citi eat bare metal. You should see my metal,haha. Frame changes colors.

  • ^^^ koff u idiot