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So today I removed the carbs to clean them out as you could open the drain screw on port 1 and no fuel would come out.

I was met with this, Any suggestions or is it an engine strip job?

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  • Plugs are out Phil, engine turns freely.

  • See if you can borrow a borroscope and have a look to see if the bore is rusty. If it is manky in there, I would be lifting the head for a look. Not a big job, an hour to get the motor out and same to get the head off.

  • Thanks Alasdair. I'll see if I can borrow one.

  • same guy does 7.48's. I got them from him for the 400

  • Most of it's out. Could it of been from rust in the fuel tank?

  • Mines an L model Phil.

  • could have been ethanol in the fuel, leaking float valve in the carb allowing carb to overflow and leak fuel into valves/engine. worth draining oil to see if it smells of fuel. how long has it stood?

  • Bikes stood for a few years, oils fresh as I only put it in last week.

  • Phil Matthews, I was using the same shim guy as you, but I found them cheaper online, I think from sandiford off road!

  • there was someone doing new boxes of shims for about £80, 3 per size which is well worth buying in my opinion. Saves the hassle of having to wait for them especially if you have a few bikes.

  • I've bought the hotcams valve kits for my ZXR's too. A god send if you do your own as you say Alasdair Cowan!

  • Did mine the other week and needed 3. Cost £6.70 and they were there next day. That's good value!

  • I have several ZXRs Phil so makes sense to me to have the kit.