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Sand blaster arrived :) brakes done

Before and after

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  • After

  • Ohh... you got the big version! What sort of compressor are you using?

  • I'm just waiting for some warm weather now so I can get them primed and painted. It's holding up both of my builds at the moment!

  • I have one of the small cabinets with garnet medium. It really is a godsend!

  • This one Andrew

  • Really? Does that do the job without waiting for it to recharge too long?

  • It all about the cfm so I was told ( as the man pointed out in the shop ) not the hp

    My old one was 6 cfm

    Would not run the power sander got this 14cfm and it ran all afternoon with out having to charge up once

  • I gave up waiting for the weather and turned the heater on for the day. I also fitted a frigging huge extractor for taking the 2k fumes away. It shifts 1170m3/HR of air!

  • I'd say Nathan Lewis hp is related to CFM, I think you mean capacity. Mine is 2hp but about 200, it plays catch up a bit

  • No idea what mine is. It's a 1968 ingersoll rand 100ltr upright. Does the job but is slow!

  • That the main thing as long as it gets the job done

    I just wish I had got this about 3 months ago before I started the j2

  • Compressors are very handy. id=400735659908 this is a very handy thing. Put a foam pad on for polishing, discs for cleaning stuff up or sanding.

  • Just done the 2k clear

  • And the top yoke too

  • Yep... 'Tis definitely the season to grit blast everything!