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So at the end of last season I was cut off on the highway and my 03 zx6r was totaled.

Exactly 8 weeks later ... this beautiful 08 zx6r is now mine. Can't wait to bring her home tomorrow!

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  • Nice zx6r.

    That's what happen to me my ZZR was totaled and now I got this beast gixxer 750

  • guess you must have walked away to not mention any injuries. that's good. Grats on new bike

  • grats on the 750. miss my 750s.

  • Scot thank God I don't have injuries. I always ride with my full gear.

  • The 08 is a great bike! Enjoy man and glad you are ok.

  • Most of all thank God you're still here to be able to ride that new bike

  • sorry ---- should have included that info....

  • ooops, hit enter. I walked away but broke both bones in my left forearm and tore all the tendons in my wrist. Had two metal plates and ten screws from a previous injury. They took those out, put in two new plates (longer on each bone) and like now I have 20 screws. Very fortunate, do not get me wrong and I am thankful every day those were the worst of my injuries. Pays to have the right gear on and to have good gear as well. They didn't think I would be riding again this season. It is good to have goals when doing physical therapy (getting back on and riding being my goal :) )

  • glad you're ok too bro and able to ride again :)

  • PS - thank you all for the kind words!

  • Heart-breaking to see the 03 totalled, but that 08 is a beauty!! Looks amazing in yellow.

  • Beautiful