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    • Shit!

    • Had that a couple of weeks ago on mine with a tyre with less than 1000 miles on it. Rubbish aint it :(

    • Just plug it.

    • Same experience last year and it happened right before weekend and tyre not in stock. It's ok to let it fix and drive careful but I'd never go full speed with a repaired tyre.

    • For years I have plugged punctures like that and used the tyre to the end of its life.

      It's a load of bollocks that you have to go slow.

      Plug it and ride it. No big deal.

    • Hope for you that you're right. I'd rather be on the safe side...

    • Alexander Kuehl. I KNOW I am right lol. I have done thousands of miles touring Europe on plugged tyres. I always carry a repair kit and have never called the recovery services for a puncture. I even drag raced my 14 once with two plugs in the rear tyre

    • Everyone, opinions Thank you, I've realized that live demon to shoulder.

    • Plugged zx12 tyre and again rode it to tyre ended with no issues

    • Winter tyres ?