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Some of you know that KX Guru Racing is building Sean Collier a new bike. What you don't know is that we are also doing a quickie rebuild of the bike he won the national two stroke championship on. Here is a link to the build... /viewtopic.php?f=41&t=1193

Eventually we will do a complete rebuild... But for now this will get him by for the next couple of months.

  • Great post! Awesome work Oscar, Jason and Mike. I will see this build next month..!

  • Right on Mike. Sean collier is awesome.

  • Looking good, but filing the clutch basket is a bit sad on this bike - each finger and gab on the basket have to have the exactly same wide, or the plates will just press on one of the fingers, which easily crack...

  • Dean White

  • Wiseco ? Aren't you anti-Wiseco?

  • Yes Peter Andersen Filing a basket is a bad thing. However, leaving it as it was would be worse. The bike would barely shift if Sean jammed on it as hard as he could. Let me be clear, the insides of this engine were a mess, we were given no money to do this build and very little time. You can successfully file them especially for a temporary build like this. If you read through the link I posted you will see that this only has to last a couple of months. Then, we will get the engine back and we will be replacing nearly everything internal. Here is how you can file a basket. First you need a long file and a set of calipers. The file must be long enough to reach all the way across the basket ears and still be able to move. That way you have a rest on the far end of the basket and this allows you to keep the filing even. Then, you file on side of one ear until the grooves disappear. Now measure and record. Then file one side of the next ear until the grooves disappear, measure and record. Do this all the way around the basket. Now, look at your measurements.. Whichever is the largest measurement, file the other ears to match. All done? Nope... Now flip the basket around so you can file the opposite side of the ears, measure and record... and repeat... When you are done you can make them very accurate. It takes patience and time. Once done, polish the ears and make sure there are no rough spots or sharp edges... All done? Nope, now you gotta clean it before installation :-)

  • What brand of oil are you using?

  • Yes Coby Hosford, I do not like Wiseco pistons. But the stock piston was in really bad shape. So I pulled all my used kx500 pistons out and measured them. This piston was by far the best and it was from many years ago when Wiseco actually made a decent piston. This rebuild has to last about two, maybe three months, then we will get it back and build a KX Guru Engine. For now, it just has to run and shift better then it did. We will see how Sean likes it at Glen Helen. Jason, Oscar, myself, Alex Ward and hopefully Motorrad Motorrad will be there. Jason will be giving out his autograph if you have any old Wiseco pistons laying around :-) It's to bad Adam MillAr couldn't make it....

  • Oscar Cota is providing the oil. I think he likes Pennzoil lawn mower the best but he will have to chime in here... :-)

  • Are you joking?!?!? The first pic of the exhaust reminded me of golden spectro that we used in the 80s. That's a ton of carbon.

  • :-)

  • Archibald Long

  • This current bike has always been fed a steady diet of VP C12 mixed with Maxima 927.

  • Have done it several times but has used a CNC machine for it.

  • Great! But the average back yard builder does not have a CNC machine to work with, myself included. Of course if I could afford a CNC I would buy Sean a new basket :-)

  • Yes but some bikes, it much more difficult to get a new basket for.

    I have a billet basket on my 88' kx500.

  • There is a update on the website for the custom shock that was built for the Beast. You can skip the motor part and go directly to the shock stuff here: /viewtopic.php?f=41&t=1193&p=5 428#p5428

  • Oscar did a bit of mocking up today..

  • Mines gonna just as many issues or more when I got to do a full rebuild this winter.