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Something about black bikes. The 93 kx 500 is probably my favorite so far out of every bike I've owned.

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  • I love the original green 92 I had but the 93 in all black is where it's at for me.

  • Love my 93 as well!!!!!

  • What's on the rear fender?

  • Wonse yu had blak yu nevar go bak brudda

  • Metal plate for a sand dunes flag

  • Nice! One day id love to ride some dunes out west.

  • Just beautiful...

  • Powder coat the subframe black. Im gonna send mine off this winter

  • I plan to just keep up with maintenance and ride the balls off of it

  • I hope to get tge green one in this shape eventually

  • Oh I need to see this I break flags like no other

  • Purple frame!

  • Crazy talk. Lol

  • Let's see some other 93s the frame color looks newer than 93 but I could be wrong.

  • Idk I love the purple green color scheme but I'm a mopar guy so it's in the blood hah

  • True I loved my original 92 but all black every is sweet on a kx 500. I'd do original green or black frame i think.

  • Yeah I dig it I'm still thinking how to do mine. I got a few dune trips lined up. After that I'm gonna do a frame up rebuild I got some shit that needs helicoils cuz apparently I think I'm an ape. Hah

  • Sick ass bike

  • Subframe and swing arm are in brilliant new silver.