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Which pipes to use this summer, Loud or Louder ???

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  • Steve Miller don't you have something to say ???

  • I stayed with my stock . That way they'll be surprised off the line . Bahahahhaha

  • You are the Best, Jim Rose !!!

  • Which ever suites you best Mike

  • Your alright to brother

  • Loud, Louder or Earsplitting.... I always go Earsplitting.

  • My bikes bigger than that little scooter..bwahahaha

  • I thought I was the best. ..hummmm.....

  • Steve Miller tomorrow !! You know that...

  • I guess I don't mind taking Thursday can be your day

  • I would add louder, loud pipes save lives

  • I like how you think...

  • Jim Rose you have the duel stock pipes on your bike. I love those pipes, they have to be the fattest pipes there are ever. 10 yrs. ago when I saw those pipes on the 2K I was Sold. One day I would own one. It only took 9 years...

  • Tomorrow I see Steve Miller buying a dozen KrispyCream donuts, (for his hamburger buns) with bacon & cheese...Mmmmm

  • My mechanic said if I had to replace them with his labor it would be about $1500 to replace those pipes. I hope they last a really long time

  • It's not about obnoxious, laud noise, but - imo, deep , bass rumble. Almost like v8 Chevy. My personal choice after 3 different sets are V&H .

  • You have the right Bike for that Mario...

  • Loudest hehehe

  • The loudest might take a year to custom make. (To match my 1500 pipes) this will happen...

  • I've got a set of Hard Crome 2/1 side burner she's loud when they dyno'd it everyone had to come over from three sheds away to see what all the noise was love it

  • Vance and Hines

  • Douglas Lamb, I'm first to say on many bikes, including mine the tank badge looks better off. Looking at your bike, the tank badge looks real good and stands out on the Black paint. The 2 into 1 pipes look nice on your bike, knowing the 2K they must sound nice. This is the first time that I liked the 2 into 1 style pipes. Do you have info from dyno at what rpm was the hp at the rear tire ??? I would like to hear this answer. Ever bike will be a little different at the rear tire depending on upgrades and timing.

  • Douglas Lamb you had better save them HK Sideburners forever. HK no longer makes them for the V2K & that really pisses me off cause those are the ones that I've wanted on my last bike. No one anywhere has any left in stock, you be pretty lucky! Lol

  • Brian Foote, it's going to take many hours to finish, working on a one off set to match my 1500 pipes. I should say 2-3 years to get them right. But when done they will be no louder with flames shooting out of them. I'm happy for now with the 2 sets I have. Going to chop up one set for a good cause. Hard decision, which set to chop up for a good cause. I need just the First 3-5 inches where they bolt to the heads. I'm looking for a used set for this. Do you still have your factory set Brian ??? Got to ask. Do you plan to keep them ???

  • You can PM me with your answer Brian Foote.