Photos from Mickey Guarino's post


Just for you Raven. If you contact Corbin you will find the silver.

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  • What about a nice black one?

  • I liked the way both my Gunfighter and Gunfighter and Lady looked, but they were about as compliant as a brick.....selling the Gunfighter payed for the 2001 W saddle, and selling the Gunfighter and Lady payed for recovering the Venture's seat.

  • Thanks Mickey, Like the shape, the colour is quite sharp. I'll have a look at the Silver in a min. I like to see what's about although I'm a boring Fart & won't change my girl. :0)

  • To suggest another option : Clubman seat by LSL. Not any more expensive than Corbin's, a bit more comfy IMHO. AND : fits with the original bracket ! Just my 2 cents worth...

  • You are welcome Raven. I got as far as having Corbin send me the various snippets of there leather choices in green and cream. I must say they have an exact match to my color scheme. But I stopped there as I too didn't want to change the look of the machine. So as uncomfortable as it is the seat remains original.