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Why pay more for a Four Stroke Tech refurbished crank? As you look around on the internet you see a lot of companies advertising refurbished cranks for Kawasaki V-Twin ATV and UTV's for as cheap as $200. What sets FST apart is the extra care taken to improve the quality of their cranks. First we use a top of the line automobile brand of bearing that polish the crank as you break it in. But before we put them together they have to be cleaned. This requires the ball bearing to be removed out of the oil port on the side of the flyweight. There is no other way to get all the debris out of the port that is packed into this area by centrifugal force. Then we also improve the oil pressure with a old race car trick, putting a notch in the oil feed and under the rod bearing to increase longevity of your crankshaft. After all the oil passages are clean of all the debris we drill and tape the hole the bearing was removed from and install a plug to replace the ball bearing. A few extra steps takes time, and time is money, but when you get a better product in the end you get what you pay for. And for our high performance guys we also offer a high speed oil pump and water pump shaft and gear to speed up the water GPM. and the oil pressure at low speeds. Call FST @ 814-842-6159 during our phone hours for pricing.

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