Photos from Mick Koeniger's post

Some fixes which are cheaper than new parts. Last steps to getting the 650 back into pre-scam state. Maybe I'll actually get some riding in before winter.

  • Pre-scam?

    What happened?

  • Some old person tried to kill me during a test drive, swerved, tried to stop on wet grass but dropped bike hurting right side stuff. Dealer made many threats when I asked about their insurance, they didn't want to make a claim so they forced me to buy the bike as is. My lawyers said Iowa law screws over consumers and said that it's likely cheaper in the long run if I just buy the bike. So a new set of handlebars, a new piece of cowling (bought flat black instead of metal flake, oops), a new saddlebag, then these patches and the bike is right as rain.

  • Ohh damn

  • Plus the price of a paving slab to throw through the dealers fucking window!

  • Well, just found out that the stealership stripped some of the bolts for the handguards, including what looks like rethreading one of the bolt holes bigger on the piece that attaches to the handlebars, but not up sizing the bolt. So no handguards this winter I guess :-(