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  • I would install the bigger open cone on that intake the filter on this setup seams awfully small

  • What color is your Bike ??? A Red filter on a Blue Bike looks like a Pimple. There are filters just as good in different colors out there.

  • I think take a Paper Filter from KN.

  • You mean like this Jim Renda ??? Give the Man a Break, it's still a nice intake...

  • I never said it was not a good intake I have the same damn one Mikey Mike Just saying I would do what i did and get the K/N Cone filter and slip it on there and get that 125CI some more air more air means more fuel more fuel sometimes means more power when it';s tuned properly.

  • Jim Jim Jim !!!

  • The setting with filter+Exhaust. the next Problem coming.

  • Chunder intakes are great! works perfect, 1/3 the price of many intakes, forced air when needed. Take your time and check the interior of all metal parts, mine had some flashing where the castings met, I just sanded down and did some minor polishing. I hope to anodize mine to match my other engine cases bur for now, the black will do.

  • CHUNDER!!!

  • Mike Mari Crookham MIKE MIKE MIKE See I am louder then you so once again you lose to the Big bad Black V2K Rider No Worries Mike your color was my 3rd choice.

  • Guessing I don't need to say "Sweeeeet" about the Bike ??? You know that... Much Better than that Bike Steve Miller has...

  • Shanks Crookham!

  • Well the paint job is certainly nicer than mine.

  • If its has two wheels great if it's a V2k even better....

  • Steve Miller your new intake is awesome if I must say. (Damn, did I just give Steve a compliment on his Bike ???) Must be the Crown Royal Apple