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Progressive 465 1 inch lower shock. Was installed on my bike for less than a month, and then decided I wanted to go with the RAP version. Shock is in perfect condition. Was $445 new from Cruiser Customizing. Reposting with a lower price to hopefully sell it.

Asking $350 SHIPPED. PM me for additional info.

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  • Well you probably won't find another one this new for this price

  • What difference do you feel with 1 inch lower, and do the floorboards drag more? Do you also need to di front ones if this one is changed?

  • I can foot the bike a little easier with the 1 inch lower. That's about the only "feel" difference. I'm 5'8" and 160 lbs. It's also just an upgrade in overall ride quality over the stock shock. You do not need to change out front springs, that's just a rider preference.

    The only time I drag floor boards is going slow and turning a sharp corner or turn. But I would do that with the stock shock, so I don't think that a result of the lower shock.

    It's also adjustable like the stock shock with the rings to adjust preload, and an allen to adjust rebound.