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i bought a bike a while ago, 1993 zxr750l

when i bought it, it came with a new battery on it. a few days after owning it the bike died. spluttered to a stop like it had ran out of fuel, checked and it had plenty of fuel in it. tried to start it n couldnt, eventually i managed to get it going by pushing it. it runs very rough, wont rev clean. ive replaced the reg/rectifier and put new bushes into the alternator, fresh fuel, new plugs, new leads and a new battery.

still it wont run right, any ideas what to check next? does this sound like a grey wire issue? could it be the fuel pump?

help please!!!!

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  • put your hand on the pump with the bike running if its working you should feel in viberating!

  • Has it ever had an alarm fitted???

    Make sure there Isn't an Accessory chewing out the battery.

    Also pop off airbox and squirt aerogard or aerostart down carbs and it should fire or backfire

  • it runs with wd40 sprayed into the carbs, it has had an alarm but its been removed

  • i had same probs . it was the battery not holding charge + fuel pipes was on wrong at the tap

  • Mine had same problem. Stray lead sucked life out of battery. Good idea like they all said check fuel pump delivery

  • I had the same problem. Replaced the fuel pump and the bike was running like it should

  • I had a problem with zx9r b1 engine in mine run ok then wound conk out and not start for 10 mins it was valve nd shims cnt exactly rember but low compression and when it got warm it wound just stop

  • Exactly what happened to me with my L1 just replace the solenoid on the fuel pump and will be fine 99% ! Mine happened while on way to work it cut out I started it and wouldn't rev under load hope that helps

  • test CDI

  • alternator plug has burnt out so batterys not getting charged...bump starting it and engine cdi runs from battery with no charge going in....mine had same problem

  • tracked the problem down to the plug leads, any recommendations on what to replace them with, n where to get them