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Pics of new bike been out of circulation biking wise fir nearly 10 years due to various things now back with a bang cant beleive how good these bikes are pleased i can share with you all

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  • No worries on that score mate i respect what the bikes capable of and my limitations as a rider im enjoying gettin to know the bike better every time im out on it stay safe

  • I've had a two break I'm taking easy on it.

  • Fantastic bike as you will know. Enjoy and ride safe

  • They say that us older guys getting back into biking are in a bad demographic. I was between bikes for more than 20 years. I don't want to do that again. Nice machine - congrats! ☺

  • It was like I had been asleep for 20 years and when I woke up someone had invented the perfect motorcycle!

  • Michael please check you other inbox.

  • Wow... nice welcome back

  • Welcome, they are great bikes, I see you got the same as mine the non-ABS model, all I can say is RP 4 GT's are great tyres, less slippery when you want to do emergency stops due to dick heads on the road.