• Photos from Micah Harper's post

    Picked her up today

    • Looks nice! love the color of your truck btw

    • Yea it's just red brother the light is making it look different lol

    • Ohh haha ive seen metallic oranges but that shade of orange is badass. I still like red though. My grandmother has a 14 Ram 1500 Express Crew Cab HEMI in navy blue and she's nice but my only complaint is the standard sound system/radio. Even when you're in the same city as the radio station the sound is definitely not quality.

    • Man that's exactly what I got and haven't had any problems at all I bet she has a bad connection on the antenna does hers have the 8 speed

    • Yes it does. The one with the little knob type thing instead of a CVT or on the column.

    • Yea that 8 speed make the truck man I love mine

    • Haha my Nana loves her's too. I'm only 14 so I can't (legally) drive on the road but i've been driving cars and trucks and tractors almost all by life haha. I've never had a side x side until now. I couldn't believe that we got it and she's mine.

    • Sweet man congrats hell when I was 14 a side by side was not the cool thing to have lol but they weren't bad ass like they are now lol

    • Haha I used to have a Honda Accord but I had to sacrifice the engine for my sister's Honda. At least I still have my Teryx. I've done no additional accessories/mods to mine so she's all stock. I want to get a nice sound system but they're soo pricy :c

    • Yea my top has 4 6.5" and 2 8" subs it's pretty loud