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I'm stuck guys I tried to take off the cap coil to change the spark plug but it's snapped any tips to remove it??

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  • Best bet you will need to remove all the coils now and then remove the rocker box you should be able to get hold of the top of it with something then also remove the thermostat housing good luck buddy plus if you need i have a good working full set of coils for the bike can sell you one cheep

  • That's what I was thinking to do but I have to be careful with any dust or dirt going into the engine don't I ??

  • How much do you want for them??

  • That's right you don't need any crap going in there but you will be fine I changed my coils I'll sell you all 4 for £25 posted but will need to use your plastic sleves coils are denso original but I couldn't find the replacement sleves hence I bought a new set but like I say all 4 work fine

  • Be careful not to trash the gasket as it's only rubber

  • Do you mean the rubber seals??

  • No they have a plastic cone that slides of the coils 2 of mine were split were at some point got hot so I pulled them of to replace them but left them at my garage that is no longer my garage. So just need to use your sleves but as I say they are perfect working order

  • I got you but mine are split as well but let take all of them off and we will take it from there

  • I don't think the splits matter to much as mine was fine with no problems but I was doing a full out big jobs on my bike and just replaced the lot any way offer there hope it all works out buddy

  • No the fucking gasket cover won't come out because the coil stick is stuck to it and there is no enough room to take the whole lot out.

    I will have to drop the engine in the floor and do it that way it's a nightmare

  • You don't need to drop engine bud it's only a plastic coil cut around it enough so you can pop it of wedge a screw driver to bend move or snap you don't need to drop the engine

  • Or better still as you lift the rocker cover you will be pulling the coil out then try and get a long screw driver to lift the coils from the other side of the box

  • I'll send you a picture in a second. I'll have to cut the stick but I'm worrying about the bit falling in the engine that's why I wanna drop the engine

  • Not enough room to take the cover out. I tried to push it with a long screw driver but it's stuck as anything

  • Just drill down there nice and slow till u can pick the bits out with pin nose pliers, it's worked for me in the past

  • There is not enough room to put a drill that's the problem it's a z750 2004

  • Medi Streetbike this is the drill I use , can hire them if u don't want to buy

  • I need a very long drill bit then??

  • You are making it complicated lol

  • Believe me I'm not it's just not enough space at all that's why

  • Hi jay I've managed to get it out finally and I will need 1 coil stick have you got one with plastic cover??

  • It won't affect it at all will it?? Is works like a heat shield or something??

  • I can't use the sleeve look at it!!!

  • Oh that's bad have a look on eBay buddy

  • That's very bad :)

  • Do you know if they are the same as for zx636r b1h??

  • I believe they are mate I know the 600 fit not total sure with the 636

  • Thanks Jay I really appreciate your help