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    Finally getting around to listing this. My custom fabricated vn2000 double din fairing. I have countless hours into making this so I have decided to list it as an auction on eBay. If it does not sell for starting bid or above I will relist it later. I sold my vn2000 so i have no use for it now. Any questions just ask! Thanks.

    Here is the full listing and details

    http://m.ebay.com/itm/25254183 6172?_mwBanner=1

    • Wheres the ignition?

    • On mine I just swung the switch down to mount on the forks basically. Didn't have to cut anything.

    • What happened to the Indian fenders and Roadmaster saddlebags? Did they all go with the bike?

    • The front fender went with the bike. The rest of the stuff will find its way onto eBay eventually lol. Sorry to never complete the project :(

    • That's a bummer. Was looking forward to another bike similar to my V2K Drifter project.

    • Ya my friend is disappointed 2.

    • The price

    • The price please

    • its on E-Bay for $675... click the link

    • Thank you Jim.