Photos from Martin Kunzmann's post

Sunday morning garage love

  • Thai plate number?

    Thats a very handsome W650.

    Do you do it yourself or done in any particular shop?

  • Yes Thailand. Thanks but not too many mods, mostly ordered parts online, powdercoating and paint

  • Looks great. Strange handlebar positioning though>...

  • Yeah, I was trying out a more forward riding position, not sure I like it.

  • May I ask you more about the mods? (Plan to do one)

    I ll send you inbox if okay

  • Nice bikes, I think your pipes will rust out quicker under those wraps, even though they look racy

  • Interesting bit posted recently on the Cycle World FB page by Kevin Cameron, in which he is quite disparraging about the practice of putting putties on exhaust pipes.

  • How do they compare?

  • Result when you remove the wrap.. Not rust though (the pipes are stainless steel), but to remove the brownish stuff you sacrifice the chrome altogether... Good patina though... :)