Photos from Mark Vilinski's post

Does anyone know if a cobra light bar for a Vulcan 800 classic will work on my 800 drifter? Also looking for a seat rail like this

  • The rail pictured is for a 1500, the 800 is slightly different.

    Both are available from Singh saddleries. He's On Facebook.

    This is one on my 800.

  • I just ordered a seat and seat rail from him

  • Takes time, but well worth it, cool gear.

  • Drifter turn signals mount different than the Classic this may cause you problems, like an unsightly hole in the upper fork tube covers.

  • Hey Mark . . . If you find a seat rail, please let me know where you got it. I've been looking for one myself.

  • See my above post, it clearly states where they are from.

  • I ordered it through them with a new seat look up Singh saddeleries on eBay

  • Ive got one for 1500