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I had to have a new set of forks made because of some pitting I found when changing the fork seals. While the bike was in the garage I had the wheels powder coated as well. Let the piss taking commence!!!

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  • Looking good mate

  • Managed to get new ignition switch and lock for mine 32.95 off ebay hope it fits☺

  • Nice job Mark

  • After all I've spent on it in the past year, I'm keeping this one!!

  • Looks nice man

  • The Wheels really suits the bike color. Nice

  • Actually the gold wheels compliment the burgundy of the bike quite nicely

  • Classy look you have there..

  • That is in beautiful condition

  • Mine was until I introduced it to 2 cars 4 weeks ago

  • Lol I know the feeling

  • Ouch

  • Shattered right knee. Left arm broken both plated and pinned. 8 broken ribs plus slight puncture on right lung. Apart from that I'm good

  • Wow you did it properly then I just had light Road rash and a few bruises stiff leg etc

  • Love it

  • Sorry to hear you hurt yourselves gents. Riding is serious business and lapses of concentration can be costly!

  • Unfortunately the roads I was riding on turned from this.....

  • To this very quickly... I couldn't do much really

  • not much you can do about that mate!

  • I used to have the same problem with farm trucks dropping mud on the road, real nightmare. Get well soon