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You all should try this! :-)

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  • Wow nice:) How much did it cost for the full set & installation?

  • Quite a bit ... about enough to buy a second hand Ninja 300 ... in very good condition!

  • Ohlins is the best but verry expensive...a great cheaper option is a set of hyperpro springs ( both front and back) and a new hyperpro shock in the back.....but verrrry nice Mark

  • Hardracing in S.C. Had a good sale not too long ago for front and rear ..

  • Hey Mark Di Val is that a ipod set up on ur bike.

  • Garmin Zumo motorcycle GPS mount wired to left hand city light.

  • Thanks Gary - early days as yet, however first impressions are lighter more positive feel up front. The rear feels just like the 2014 Ohlins SE which again gives a more positive feel on the road. There was no real effort required on my part - just $$$ lol

  • I will know more once I have got out of town on it once or twice.